GST Guide : Introduction, Compliance, Updates and More..

Introduction to GST

On July 1st, 2017, India moved to a new tax system – one that aims at converting the entire nation into a single market. If you are new to GST and keen to know how this new tax will affect you and your business, this section will help you understand the basics of the ‘Good and Simple Tax’.

GST Returns

Filing tax returns on time is an important part of being GST-compliant. Learn more about which returns your business needs to file, and how to file them on time.

GST Invoicing/Billing

The first step to becoming GST-compliant is creating correct invoices. However, not everyone knows what a GST-compliant actually is. Our experts answer the most common questions about GST invoices and how to go about creating one.

Time, Place & Value of Supply

The point of taxation, type of tax, and amount of tax depends on the time, place, and value of supply. It is necessary to understand how these rules apply in case of inter-state and intra-state transactions so that you charge the correct tax every time.

GST Accounting & Records

With GST, the Indian economy has gone digital. And so has our record-keeping process. Understand how to maintain your online records and accounts under GST, pass accounting entries, and much more.

e-Way Bill

Electronic Way Bill (e-Way Bill) is a document required to be carried by the person in-charge of conveyance for movement of goods. It is generated either by the supplier, consignor, transporter, or, at times, the recipient of goods on the nation-wide e-Way Bill common portal.
As our nation prepares for its full-fledged enactment, know more about the process and nitty-gritties of the system…

GST Procedure

The GST law has laid down stringent procedures for proper assessment of taxes, self-audit, and audit by officers. Wondering how it works? Read on to know more.

ClearTax GST Software Guide

ClearTax GST is a one-stop software that addresses all your compliance needs and is the only GST software you’ll ever need. Learn how to use ClearTax GST like a pro with our helpful, step-by-step guides.

GST Rates & HSN Codes

The HSN Code is a universal system of product/service nomenclature that has been used since 1988. It is important to use the correct HSN codes for your product and tax it at the correct rate. Read more if you wish to know your product’s HSN codes and GST rate.

GST Registration

We all know that registering for GST is mandatory, but does your business even need a GST registration? What would be the pros and cons of obtaining a GST registration and how does one obtain it? This section gives you a clear understanding of the registration process and how to go about it.

Composition Scheme

The Composition Scheme is a lucrative option for all SMEs who want lower compliance and lower rates of taxes under GST. Can a business register under the normal scheme change over to the Composition Scheme if it wishes to? Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this Scheme.

Input Tax Credit

A seamless flow of Input Tax Credit is the backbone of the GST. But how does one claim ITC under GST? And what about the ITC due under the previous tax system? Know the answer to all your ITC-related queries and claim the credits due to you without delay.

GST Payments & Refund

Once you have filed your returns for the month, you also need to pay the tax liability. This, too, is done online and if you are not well versed in the process of tax calculation and payment, this guide can help.

GST Penalties & Appeals

There are many actions that are recognized as an offense under GST. Read more about these offenses, the penalties for each, and the process for appeals so that your business stays on the right side of the law.

Transition to GST

Changing over from one regime to another isn’t easy. So, how does a taxpayer registered under VAT transition to GST? With these expertly-written guides that will help you understand the process of transition in an easy manner.

ClearTax GST Tools

Use our FREE online resources to meet all your compliance requirements, and grow your business under GST. From a handy tool to find HSN codes to the latest in GST news, these tools will keep you GST-ready all the time!

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